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    یاس بافت

    شرکت خانم مهندس افتخاریان

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    روفرشی میلاد زرین رنگ قهوه ای

    Milad Zarin ground cloth

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    فرش چرم کاشمر


    This type of carpet made of leather and natural skin of the cow, which is professionally made using the finest materials, tanning and anti-bacterial, which is produced in various designs and different sizes as well as in different sizes and colors. The dimensions of this beautiful rug are 1/20 in 80/80, and can be fitted with all kinds of modern furniture. Concern about maintenance and cleaning, as much as 90% do not need to rinse and cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. If you need to rinse with water, you can mix 1 liter of water and a few drops of white vinegar and after mixing by A damp cloth with this solution is applied to the skin of the carpet so that the carpet is completely cleaned and finally you can use a laundry.

    یاس بافت

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